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New 30 for 30 ad unveils docs on Bruce Lee, Mark McGwire and ...

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Professional sports ownership is an exclusive club, one which Spano desperately wanted to join, even if it meant hatching an ill-conceived plan that would've seen him use revenue from the Islanders to pay what he owed.The 30 for 30 theme music was re-worked for the podcast series by Hrishikesh Hirway, who is a musician, composer and the host of the Song Exploder podcast.Award-winning Vietnamese American filmmaker Bao Nguyen directs this profile of martial arts legend Bruce Lee, who left Hollywood in 1971 dejected, but returned to his parents’ homeland of Hong Kong and made four films that changed the movies forever.

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Though sports movies often get tagged as "tearjerkers for men," 30 for 30 has only occasionally gone the sentimental route.The Two EscobarsThis is not only the greatest 30 for 30; it is also one of the greatest documentaries in recent memory.The five-part O.J.: Made In America marks a watershed moment for 30 for 30, the ESPN documentary series that has proven to be one of the best concepts the network has ever come up with.

Philmatic: Phil Mickelson On Hip-Hop.Also Read: OJ Fact Check: Two White Broncos?.Looking beyond the mania surrounding Valenzuela, Fernado Nation considers the Dodgers' shaky history with L.A.'s Mexican-American community, and how what were meant to be harmless jokes and comments about Valenzuela's ethnicity influenced the public debate over whether he was being overworked and underpaid.

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Life was never easy for Derrick Thomas.At the age of 5, his father, an Air Force pilot, was lost in Vietnam during a flying mission.As an adolescent growing up in a rough Miami neighborhood, Thomas ran afoul of the law and found himself in front of a judge who would give him a second chance.He turned his life around, became a star on the gridiron and attracted the attention of the University of Alabama, where he established himself as arguably the greatest pass rusher in college football history.Win One For The Goyim: The Priest Who Became Maccabee Tel Aviv's Biggest Fan.Bowling For Cooperstown: The Hidden Underground Of The MLB's Lanes.

Elway to Marino brings back the tension and hope of that moment when a few NFL teams made choices that would determine their fates for the next decade.The LAPD chased O.J.

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After highs and lows on the court, Lopez finds happiness as the man he was meant to be.The A.V.On Thursday, Nov.

This site is for informational and entertainment purposes only.Now, we are really nicely integrated with the “30 for 30” team.All four episodes of “3o for 30 Podcasts” Season 6 from ESPN Films and ESPN Audio are currently available, for more information visit 30for30podcats.com.

Slaying the Badger The 1986 Tour de France is widely considered to be the greatest story in cycling history.Then for our central character, the Condor, we have a voice actor to do that.The relationship between these two men goes back to the time when Shaq was 13 and living on an army base in Germany when he asked the coach for some exercise tips.

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Teemusic: Teemu Selanne's Pop-Star Past.

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The major boxing upset is chronicled to show how unlikely it was.Also Read: Duke Basketball Legend Christian Laettner on Being So Hated That ESPN Made a ’30 for 30’ Film About It.American Greg LeMond had helped his teammate Bernard Hinault win the previous year, and Hinault had pledged to return the favor.

This is the story of the history between the two programs, the bad blood between its fans and how this intense rivalry came to a pinnacle, just when they ended up needing each other most.If her story were only about basketball, Ruthie Bolton would be a legend.Chris failed drug tests wherever he played.

Simpson drove that white Bronco, but do you remember what else happened that day? From Stanley Cup parades and World Cup matches to the MLB lockout, director Brett Morgen explores a day in sports history unlike any other in one of the first prominent 30 For 30 installments.

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The idea for the series began in 2007 from ESPN.com columnist and Grantland.com founder Bill Simmons and ESPN's Connor Schell.Professional sports ownership is an exclusive club, one which Spano desperately wanted to join, even if it meant hatching an ill-conceived plan that would've seen him use revenue from the Islanders to pay what he owed.Ice Cube directed a film about the Raiders entitled, Straight Out Of L.A.

The story of ex-St.The Lyin' King: Exploring The Seedy Side Of Boxing Promotion.We are starting to see more top talent in podcasting — right now the Dan Gordons (“Hillsborough,” “George Best: All by Himself”) of the world are making documentary films.

With two Heisman trophies, two national championships and one crazed fan, the biggest rivalry in college sports, Auburn vs.ESPN Films: 30 for 30Volume 1 Index.

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