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Why Do People Say Merry Christmas-

You take from Christmas what you want from it.

Christmas comes from the belief of celebrating Jesus birthday, his birth is not listed for a good reason , also this date also is mixed in with the worship of the  lunar sun god.

Not giving it a thought is very different than purposely being pissed off about Happy Holidays.

Bratcher posits that those who dislike abbreviating the word are unfamiliar with a long history of Christians using X in place of "Christ" for various purposes.

I think you are in CT right? Unless my memory is wrong.

It’s realistic, it’s relevant, it’s the U.S.

So, I can’t really say why some people might find it offensive.

But they're completely separate holidays and Hanukah is not supposed to be "our version" ofor anything like that.

It contained the now household phrase “A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”.

Like other cultures around the world, the new year is about celebrating hope and the future.

So I don't get why I have to hide my beliefs so as not to offend, if I ask someone not to be the way they are around me, they would cry discrimination.So how is it fair.So all I have left to say is Merry Christmas all..

So I’d just assume that and not take any offense to being told “Merry Christmas”..

Kwanzaa was first celebrated in 1966 as a way to celebrate African American heritage for just five days, again, amidst the massive Christian holiday.

This is a great post, but let me pose another possibility.I think you will find that “Happy Christmas” is what they say in England and much of itsCommonwealth, whereas “Merry Christmas” is what we say in America.I suspect this is an example of American English preserving older expressions that were current when the colonies were settled but that have since dropped out of British English.(Another example would be “Fall” instead of “Autumn.”)Americans went through Prohibition but still used “Merry,” whereas Australians–who make merry quite a bit in the 16th century sense–still use “Happy Christmas.”.

Are those Christians really going to tell us that they're offended...not because someone is insulting them, but because they're not being FAVORED? Really?.

Once you look deeper at their origins and definitions you will see a few key differences..

Some people think, and we have been led to believe that saying, "Merry , is offensive to those who are not paying attention, and don't care about what we do.

Christmas, Diwali, Hanuka, Eid, Father's day, Mother's day, Valentine day, friendship day...

There's nothing negative associated with saying it.".

It contained the now household phrase “A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”.

Thus, the symbolism of the Heavenly Virgin and the infant child paraded on a yearly basis are not of Christian origin.

It's because of the Muslims, they are the only religion who is intolerant and offended by other religions and their holidays.

So, Happy Holidays is a better, more inclusive wish..

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    Merry Christmas Wishes and Messages
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