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Why Do We Say Merry Christmas-

Matthew Schmitz explains the difference between “merry Christmas” and “happy Christmas” and why the former is a more fitting greeting.See what he says after the jump, along with what I say..

In corporate America, everything is "happy holidays".

Some Christians believe it is a more fitting greeting, given theand emotional response followers should have to a celebration of the birth of their Savior, Jesus Christ..Add some Spanish to your Christmas celebrations!.

However, it’s believed that an English admiral first used the term Merry Christmas in an informal letter, way back in 1699.Upload a JPG or PNG to be your personal avatar.Your profile image will be viewable by other users when you chat during our livestream events.. has a library of 750,000 questions and answers for covering your toughest textbook problems.Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!.

It's true that Christmas tends to get the most fanfare of all the holidays, at least in the United States.“Hey man,” Dig approached him bringing him out of his thoughts..

The Christmas season begins in early December, leading up to Christmas Day on December 25th..The login page will open in a new tab.

And before the 18th century, you could hear both “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Christmas.” The most likely reason for this is the fact that, well, “merry” was just a far more popular word back then than it is today.

While it is common to say "Merry Christmas," did you ever wonder how this phrase came about?.

Why Do We Say “Merry Christmas” but “Happy” Everything Else? by, Meghan Jones.

When you've been granted a U.S.

And that’s not all.

According to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of English Usage, most of the evidence for these words comes from "educated Englishmen who knew their Greek".

Kwanza is a celebration which lasts a week to honour the African heritage.

Donald Trump is serious about shoving Christmas in everyone’s face, whether they want to be merry and bright or not.

So, I'll continue to say "Merry Christmas" because it's what I know and love, and I want to pass that on to you..

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This holiday is about paying respect and celebrating the dedication to Jerusalem’s Holy Temple.

Christmas is also sometimes known as Xmas.

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full of cheerfulness or gaiety; joyous in disposition or spirit: a merry little man..

Seven out of 10 Filipinos are expecting to have a happy Christmas this year, the latest Social Weather Stations survey showed.

Hi, alexis! We're THRILLED you're WONDERing with us! Thanks for the KIND words! :).

It’s also not about “political correctness.” Trump, and his supporters, hate being “politically correct,” but it’s really just about being kind, compassionate, and inclusive.

It’s just not the holiday season anymore without a controversy over religious displays..

For instance, we do say things like Merry Christmas during Christmas seasons.

Here are three reasons why “Xmas” is a popular expression:.

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    Merry Christmas Wishes and Messages
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